Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project Learning

These students are in an environment where they use project based learning. They are able to mimic scientist and they love it. They go out and gather their own information and share it with their class teachers and parents through different ways using technology. The new technology is what drives this type of school program. This not only gets the students thinking but gets them involved with each other. This gives the students a chance to learn knowledge by using it.

I think what i took away from this video was that people think differently. It is nice to see an alternative to the way children go to school.

When i start to teach in my classroom i will defiantly keep an open mind when i start to teach my lessons. I love this type of program that gets the children out and learning on their own. It gives them a chance to explore knowledge. And being able to incorporate technology with it is great.

I wish that i could have explored this kind of learning when i was their age. It would have been so exciting to have my own laptop in class and to do projects on things that interested me. I wish my teachers were more in touch with technology like these teachers.

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