Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Wizard of Apps

A video we watched for class called The Wizard of Apps was a clever and informative video about the Internet,primary source sites,privacy,research,apps, and how to share the information found on the web. This video is done through the story of the Wizard of Oz which i thought was clever and kinda fun to watch. One website she talks about was so i checked it out and sure enough i found me. This website is a site future employers might use to check up on their employers. I think through this video she is really trying to get the safety aspect of Internet across to students. Not only that but how to use copy write material under fair use. Several websites such as Flicker and compfight(two of my new favorite sites)and Voicethread were mentioned as a safe way to get great pictures and information and share them through blogs or voicethreads online.

In the future as a teacher i think it would be very clever to use a story line like she did (The Wizard of Oz) it not only keeps students attention but can help them remember things through songs or funny lines. I would definetly consider this in my classroom.

My greatest take away from this video was how many safe and affective websites there are out there i would have never known if it werent for my class and this video. I feel like as a future teacher i will be so much more aware of the technology and websites out there and not only that but how to use them for me and my students.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My VoiceThread about Smores

This is my VoiceThread i created to teach you how to make a smore. As a child i loved to go camping and this was one reason why i loved it so much!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Digiteens are researching with friends from around the world to learn about things that could be prevented with in schools and even outside them. The students pick topics they are interested in and to speak about them in their schools to promote change. They are trying to change students behavior by not just standing and lecturing to them.

This is so neat i wish when i was in high school i could have made videos speaking about things that could inform students to help make safe choices. I didn't have this opportunity but its cool to see that other students do have this opportunity.

This would be a good experience for students to get involved with each other and the community. It also is a good experience for other students they may learn some new information from these videos that could save their life one day.

Project Learning

These students are in an environment where they use project based learning. They are able to mimic scientist and they love it. They go out and gather their own information and share it with their class teachers and parents through different ways using technology. The new technology is what drives this type of school program. This not only gets the students thinking but gets them involved with each other. This gives the students a chance to learn knowledge by using it.

I think what i took away from this video was that people think differently. It is nice to see an alternative to the way children go to school.

When i start to teach in my classroom i will defiantly keep an open mind when i start to teach my lessons. I love this type of program that gets the children out and learning on their own. It gives them a chance to explore knowledge. And being able to incorporate technology with it is great.

I wish that i could have explored this kind of learning when i was their age. It would have been so exciting to have my own laptop in class and to do projects on things that interested me. I wish my teachers were more in touch with technology like these teachers.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Digital Youth Portrait : Luis

In this video he talks about how much he loves technology and how he uses it to connect to his friends and family and in his education. He goes on to talk about how their parents who are from mexico never used technology except for an ATM. He is involved in a program called tech wizards and in this he uses pretty much every aspect of technology. In this group they do projects like videos or community projects. I hope when i am a teacher we have a technology program like this for students. I think it is important for students to be able to use technology not only for communication but for things like presentations. It gets them involved with things they are interested in and gets them to use their skills in research. Luis did a project where he would check the conditions of the trees and report them to the city. This can open so many oppertunities for students and it did for Luis. I love that these students were teaming up with younger grades and teaching them how to build robots that is amazing to me and it is something i might try to do one day.

Video by independent learning project by students

This video is about the violence in schools and what schools are doing to prevent violence from happening. It says that violence has actually declined over the years but schools are still doing all they can to prevent violent acts like Columbine and Virginia Tech. from happening ever again. Schools are cracking down and keeping an eye out for suspisions and are asking for help to prevent violence. This gives a few good links to look at for more information about violence in schools. For me this gives me a sense of protection i will get going into teaching. I know that i will be doing whatever i can to help prevent any acts of violence i see. I love seeing other students getting involved like this video and getting the word out there to help stop violence.