Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Digiteens are researching with friends from around the world to learn about things that could be prevented with in schools and even outside them. The students pick topics they are interested in and to speak about them in their schools to promote change. They are trying to change students behavior by not just standing and lecturing to them.

This is so neat i wish when i was in high school i could have made videos speaking about things that could inform students to help make safe choices. I didn't have this opportunity but its cool to see that other students do have this opportunity.

This would be a good experience for students to get involved with each other and the community. It also is a good experience for other students they may learn some new information from these videos that could save their life one day.

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  1. I thought that the video was interesting. It was cool that these students were able to come up with their own creative ideas to inform their peers of the dangers that lurk online and how to avoid getting into trouble on the internet.