Monday, January 25, 2010


This video we watched in class was about a girl named Nafiza and how she used technology in the class room. They are working on a virtual video project making a one minute film of a child who struggles with attaining higher education. This video shows how the students along with Nafiza need to learn how to use the tools they have now within technology but also the tools that will come out. Then they can learn how to apply these new tools for not only their life but their education.

To me my most significant takeaway from this video would have to be the fact in knowing that we can use technology so much in the class room. They had virtual avatars they used to represent themselves in the videos they were making and they knew how to make videos using this program.

This opens my eyes to the fact that as a teacher i can use so much of technology in my class that my students will be able to walk away with knowledge that will help them with their life and education.

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  1. I also took away from this video the fact that teachers have the use of technology in their classrooms. I had no idea the amount that is available to some teachers. I hope to be able to incorporate technology into my classroom routine someday, and to keep my students up to date with our ever advancing society.