Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kiwi Junior Classroom

The video we watched called a peak for a week inside a kiwi junior classroom students used a classroom blog to let people know what all they were accomplishing in their classroom. They used a page on their blog called a interactive white board home page which had different links all over it so the kids could easily find something and click right on it. Her six year old class can successfully run the white board meaning they know how to use it and start the morning program. Each student has a job they do each week in the blog program.

This is crazy to me that these six year old students are so in touch with technology in the classroom this not only gives them an opportunity to use it in the classroom and at home but if they don't have any technology at home they get a chance to use it in school. When i was six i was not in touch with computers like kids are today. This is exciting to me because when i become a teacher i will be a part of a generation that will be extremely in touch with technology.

One thing i liked about this video was that they used a website to watch news clips. That is neat that in a classroom setting full of six year olds you can incorporate the news into their daily schedule. This teaches them to use technology for other important things. And it gets children to be interested in the news which is rare. She uses her blog website to work on almost every subject they need to cover. This is pretty cool i would hope when I'm a teacher i could use technology like this.

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