Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Orientation in Second Life

In the video "Orientation in Second Life" is about using a system called second life to have users live in an alternate world. But it has become very confusing for most users. It seems that users come and visit the site once but become confused and never revisit. They have made guides to help the avatars find their way through the space. This works with educational organizations to improve orientation for new users. This is still an ongoing experiment.
My biggest take away from this video was the fact that this would be a good tool to use for communication and technology use. It would give people a chance to become better users of technology. It is also a fun way to explore and talk with people. I've never been much of a technology person so to see neat stuff like this is so fascinating to me. It would be neat for students to use something like this to explore technology and to communicate to each other.

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