Monday, March 8, 2010

Digital Youth Portrait : Sam

This video we watched for class was about a girl named Sam and her use of technology and digital media. Its cool to see her life outside and inside of school and how she incorporates technology into both. As a teacher i know i need to be open minded to my students using technology both in my class room and outside it. This is great because it opens up assignments i may give them. This video shows how she is using technology to communicate and gain social skills through it. I think in the future cell phones wont be banned in the classroom for most schools because of that. Sam uses her skills to help her friends which is also gaining social skills and motivates others. The greatest takeaway i got from this video was the fact that she used her computer and found a website that had a virtual piano that showed her the notes to play and she could then go down stairs and practice them on her real piano. Its amazing how far technology has come!

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